Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A much needed laugh!

This week has been extremely long... for many reasons... so I am very happy SPRING BREAK is next week! Today during my planning period, I was in S. Pruetts room talking to her. We were just talking when we had a cute little visitor stop by. S. McKay saw us talking as he walked by her room , so he stopped to tell us some "news"!

This is what our conversation consisted of....

Him- (Hey.. my dog Daisy is having puppies!!)

Me- (Really, that's good! I bet your mom is not happy)

Him- (NO, she's not)

Me- (She doesn't like Daisy, does she?)

Him- (Nope)

Me- (Is she having them today?)

Him- (No, we just found out yesterday.)

Him- ( They are gonna be half Saint Bernard.... )

Me- (Wow...those will be big puppies...)

Him- (Yeah- that dog was huge, he kept jumping over our fence)

Him-(But she is only having six puppies..)

Me- (How do you know? Did you take her to the vet?)

Him- (No..... I just counted her milk squirter thingys.. and she only has 6!)


WE LAUGHED ABOUT THIS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. If you know S. McKay, you can imagine him telling us all of this. He is hilarious....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor..

This is one of my favorite pictures of Taylor! Acting funny and making everyone laugh was what he did best! This was taken at our cousin Margaret's wedding. I'm not sure how old Taylor is here, but he was always like this!! He was so happy that day, wearing that tux. He knew he looked good!!
This was the last Christmas we got to spend with Taylor. He was excited over that Alabama boggin that we got him. With a family of mostly Auburn fans, Taylor loved Alabama just like me!!

I love this picture of Hayden & Taylor! It's so sweet.

Cousins! Taylor loved all of us, as much as we loved him.

This is the whole gang back in the day! Although Hayden & Lillie's face does not show it very much... we LOVED each other! lol
Taylor McCrary was loved by EVERYONE! I have never heard of anyone who did not like him. He could make you laugh as soon as he entered the room. If he was ever around me for any length of time, he had me scratching his back. Then he would move to the next person who would scratch his back, usually his maw maw. One of the sweetest memories I have of Taylor is when he would stay with his maw maw nearly every weekend. After Uncle Bill died, he would stay with her to make sure she was ok. Not many 15 year old boys just go stay with their maw maw. But Taylor was special, he was not your "average" young man. He loved playing golf and was good at it! My daddy would always brag about how far Taylor could hit the ball. He loved all sports, and was good at all of them too! I remember on Senior night during my basketball season, Taylor came to watch me. He sat on the bottom with my daddy. Daddy told me if I could score 20 points he would give me $100.... Well, I scored 12 in the first half and then six more the second half. Once I got to 18 I could not hit anything. I remember looking over at Taylor and he would just be dying laughing. He would hollar.. only 2 more points and then just laugh his head off! I also remember when I got my first car. Taylor of course wanted to go on a ride, so I took him. Between him and Adam I was crazy when I got back home! They were hollaring out the windows, Taylor kept reaching for the emergency break..just trying to scare me! And it usually worked! lol. He would absolutely aggravate me to death.... but I still loved him to death! I would give ANYTHING to have him here to aggravate me again!! I remember one time we went out for Amanda's birthday. Taylor was proud that he got his permit... we ate at Famous Daves and Taylor asked the lady if he could order a beer, then he opened up his wallet and showed his "ID". Of course he was kidding, and the waitress got a kick out of it! I have many many great memories with Taylor. He was the greatest thing in the world to me. I can still see that big smile, and hear that laugh. He was an awesome son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend. I know he is truely missed by everyone. I know there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't enter my mind. I can't wait until the day I get to see him again!
Happy Birthday Taylor! I love you more than you know!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Saturday..

We have definitely had a busy Saturday, but it has been enjoyable! Ben came over around 11:30 this morning and we have been in full swing since then. We had to be at the egg hunt by 1:00. It went really well. Ben loved it all, he loved finding eggs, getting prizes and riding the lovely ponies. However, he was not crazy about the Easter bunny that was there. He has a fear of things like that... such as the mascots, disney world characters, etc.. So he didn't get his picture made!! We had tons and tons of cupcakes. Ben had chocolate all over his face and then come to hug me like a sweet child, and then wiped his chocolate covered face on my back!! Anyways... By the time we left the egg hunt it was 3:00. Adam wanted to run get something to eat so we went to pizza hut in Fort Payne. We were in a hurry so we left quick and headed back. We had to be back to Ider for C. Tinker's birthday party by 5:00. We all had a good time over there! I have decided that C.Tinker is one of the sweetest kids ever and I love him dearly.(I can't believe he is 3 years old). There were lots of family and friends there. Ben enjoyed playing with all the kids. After leaving there we stopped by my Granny's. I had not seen her in a couple of days, so we went in and visited with them a while. We finally walked in the house around 8:45. Ben will probably sleep good tonight. He has played his little heart out today. He is curled up beside me on the couch right now, yawning lots!! He will more than likely be out of it soon!

I'm sure tomorrow will be a busy day too. I dread it being cold... I want it just to stay warm weather forever. I guess I will bundle up and stay in the house between church. Maybe I will catch me a few zzzzz's !! Nothing like a good Sunday nap. Tomorrow will be a sad day for our family. It will be Taylor's birthday. He would have been 20 years old!! So hard to believe....I miss him so much. I know it will be an even harder day for Leslie. Please say a prayer for her!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!