Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just catching up on things..

Well I have not wrote on here in quite a while, so I will attempt to catch up on everything. We have been busy busy!! Most everyone knows that Adam was baptized on Sunday! YAY.... I knew he was struggling with it, for a long time but I didn't want to force him into it so I just waited! I knew he would decide it when the time was right. As Luke mentioned Sunday morning when he was baptizing Adam, he has definitely been studying his Bible. If I ever can't find him, he will be in the bedroom or bathroom (ha ha) reading his Bible. It is a great sight to see! He always has a question for Luke to answer. I am thankful we have a preacher that Adam can talk to so easily. He loves him dearly and considers him a great friend.

After church Sunday we went to eat with my family. Everyone came to see Adam be baptized, but it was also to celebrate my birthday. Sunday night we watched "Fireproof"!! It was AWESOME. It was definitely an eye opening experience. Although it was a serious movie, I did get tickled several times due to comments Ben made! About half way through the movie he shared with our pew (and those around us) that Kirk Cameron looked like Coach Tinker! lol. The funny part was, Brent & Shannon were sitting right in front of us! lol. Of course they laughed... and then we all went back to watching the movie. Towards the very end of the movie..Ben said " This movie is just like a movie about Coach Tinker" lol. We laughed even more this time. I don't think Ben even noticed Brent was in front of us until then. Why he thought this movie was "about Coach Tinker" I don't know, but it was funny.

While I'm talking about Ben... let me brag a little! I am still in shock of how awesome this child can read!! It is amazing! The other day I was pointing to hard words to see if he might know them..... words like.... (wondrous, important, Samaritan, daughter, promising)! He was blowing my mind. He reads them so quickly and doesn't sound out anything. I will remind you that he is in Kindergarten! To say the least, I am very proud of him. Someone made the comment the other day that my children would probably be very smart... since Adam, Jake & Ben are weirdly smart! Then I reminded them that my children would be watered down somewhat.. (due to me). lol. I am hopeful that they will be smart like their dad!

Jake is also doing well. He has recently joined the drama team at church and loves it. He is making more friends at church and is definitely becoming very outgoing. I feel bad not writing as much about him as I do Ben... but 14 year olds are not as funny as 6 year olds! lol

I had a great birthday yesterday. I enjoyed my day with Adam, Jake, Tyler and Hayden. We went to Birmingham to watch the Lady Hornets in the state playoffs! Of course they won... and will be playing Cold Springs tomorrow for the 2A State Championship!!! They are very fun to watch. However, I feel old.... Hilary and Jade are Seniors and tomorrow will be their last game!! My senior year they were 8th graders and were starters on my basketball team! I love them dearly and hope they can bring home the trophy tomorrow!!

Pray for Adam & I as we are doing the Love Dare together! It will be a very interesting 40 days!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Loving Memory...

This is Tammy in Las Vegas. Her and some other girls she worked with had to attend some nursing classes there. The is my favorite picture of her. It is the best, most recent picture we have of her. I think she looks beautiful!!
This is Tammy's graduation picture from nursing school. She was an awesome nurse!!

This picture was at my graduation. Adam had to walk at my graduation because he was 3rd in his class! She was so proud of him!!

This picture is at my Senior prom. It was also Tammy's birthday!!

Tammy & Adam. She looks wore out, but he is smiling so big! I love this picture. We have it framed in our house. It is just so sweet. She loved that baby boy!

Tammy & Adam

Tammy & Jake

Tammy & Ben

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 years ago...

As Valentines Day is just around the corner my heart is sad. Three years ago Valentines Day Tammy (my mother-in-law) was taken home to live with the Lord. Over the last few days that whole day has been playing through my mind over and over again. That was the worst thing I have ever been through...and I CANT EVEN IMAGINE what was going through Adam's mind. I will never forget when my momma and daddy pulled up at Northeast to tell me... they just said Tammy had been killed in a car wreck. I immediately went through ever Tammy I knew in my mind... I just knew it couldn't be Adam's mom. As momma drove me back to Ider I was begging her to go faster, I had to get to Adam. When we finally made it to the school I saw Adam walking down the hall. He had the most pitiful look on his face. He handed me a rose for Valentines Day that he had bought earlier in the day, hugged me, and then we cried.. cried.. cried.. and cried!!!

Since that day we have not celebrated Valentines Day. Adam refuses to celebrate the day his momma was killed. I understand where he is coming from, however I know his mom wouldn't want us to never celebrate. She had bought all the boys Valentine presents that she was going to give them that day. I have tried mentioning to him that we should spend Valentines Day with the boys and Granny & Paw Paw in memory of his mom. Valentines Day is a day of LOVE and Tammy loved her boys more than anything in the world!! I don't think he is up for it this year still, but please pray with me that one day he will be able to celebrate again. Not for a lovey dovey day for me, but in honor of his mom!! I am planning on making a special post tomorrow night or Saturday in honor of Tammy.

Pray for Adam this weekend, that he will be strong and remember the good times he had with his mom. Pray for Jake, Ben, Granny, Paw Paw and the rest of the family!! Pray for me, that I can be strong for Adam and that I will be a good listener if he needs a shoulder to cry on!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I want to be a Hornet teacher!

Today Mrs. S called me and asked if I could come sub half a day for 2nd grade!! Of course... Today was my first time to sub at Ider. I absolutely loved it. I love being that close to home, I love seeing kids I know, I love having Mrs. D & Mrs. S right in the office if I need them, I love the whole atmosphere.....

Some of the students were telling me who all the principals were....(like I didn't and they said Mrs. D is our principal down in this building. I explained to them that I knew Mrs. D. I proceeded to explain to them that she was my kindergarten teacher and then she moved up and was my 1st grade teacher! I told them I was in the very same classroom when I was in her first grade class! They could not believe it! lol. It was hilarious because they thought that was just forever ago. They could not believe that Mrs. D had been a teacher "THAT LONG AGO"! lol...

I am so thankful that I am having the chance to work there some. I will be starting sometime in March and finishing out the school year for a teacher on maternity leave! I can't wait. I know the chances are slim that I will get a job in the fall.... so I will be willing to work ANYWHERE!! However, when the chance comes along I would love to teach at Ider. Please start praying now that I will get a job SOMEWHERE in the fall, and then maybe eventually I will be placed at Ider!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Answered Prayers...

As most of you may already know my Uncle Jerky does not have a brain tumor!!!!!!!!! YAY.... It was a long week full of waiting and more waiting.... but yesterday morning we got the great news. They were doing more scans yesterday to see if he might have had a stroke recently... I do not know the results from that yet.

I am so thankful for the prayers of everyone. God heard all the prayers that went up for Uncle Jerky and my family.

Jerky did come home today. He was so so so glad to leave the hospital. He was super excited about getting to watch the Super Bowl on his big screen instead of in the hospital!!

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.