Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Pray...

This morning I heard an ambulance pass my house before I left for school. I always get that horrible feeling in my stomach, hoping it is not someone I know. I always worry about my granny....I started to call her but I knew if it was her...I would have got a call. I went on to school and had a normal day. Around 3:15 my phone rang and it was my dad. He said he had some bad news....

My uncle jerky (Darrell Hayes) had passed out this morning and they took him to the hospital. He has passed out a few other times recently, but everyone thought it was because he had just had knee surgery...... when they took him to the hospital today they found a brain tumor. My heart sank.... I love my uncle jerky! He has always been so funny and played around with me. It breaks my heart to see him go through something like this. We don't know anymore details yet. I took my Granny to the hospital tonight and not long after we got there they transferred him to Huntsville. Im sure it will be tomorrow before they can run more test and before the doctor can see him. Please help me pray for a miracle.

Also pray for my whole family. My dad's side of the family has never really dealt with anything like this before. Pray especially for my Granny. She is not in great health herself and she is really worried about Jerky. If you know know HE is her baby! Pray for me as I can hopefully witness to them through this... I also ask that you pray for Bro. Luke. He will be going to see him tomorrow. Pray that he will be able to give everyone peace.

I know God can work miracles. We have seen that many times before. I just keep thinking about little Emma and how she was healed. I pray that Uncle Jerky will be too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where does the time go??

Well the weekend is over....AGAIN! lol. It has been a good one, I just don't understand where my time goes. I am not looking forward to waking up early in the a.m. but it's life! :) I told Adam the other day that I feel like all I do is wake up...take a shower...dry my flippin hair (which is one of the worst parts of my and then go back to bed....and repeat the process all over again. Time flies by very fast.

Today Adam & I have been married TWO WHOLE MONTHS! :) I really can't believe that either. Getting married around the holidays was very busy and did make time go by faster than usual. However, it has been a great 2 months and I am so happy! God gave me a special special man and Im very thankful for him.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my last week at Sylvania! I can't believe that my time will be done there. I really like everyone there. They have been so welcoming to me and made me feel comfortable. I will be sad to leave (Most) of my students and the teachers I have made friends with. However, I am going to sub there some, so I will still see those ppl occasionally.

As the time has past so quickly...the pounds have also found me very quickly! I HAVE GOT TO EXERCISE more.... or some! lol. And its not just because I got married...this time last year I had gained weight. I then lost a good bit on First Place....and then over the year I have gained it back. Luckily...I have not gained ALL of it back...but Im to the point that I don't feel good again. I thought that when I bought MY OWN groceries and cooked my own meals....that it would be easier to lose weight and eat healthy! Well....I was wrong. It is just so easy and quick to eat food that in unhealthy for you. I also cant afford to buy all of the healthy foods....

I am going to try to set a very small goal for this week...Im gonna make myself exercise and eat better this week....then just see what happens. I am not very patient and I like to see results RIGHT AWAY! So it is often very very frustrating when I workout hard and eat good....and nothing happens. I know if I would stick to it, it would pay off... SO...please say a little prayer for me each day this week.. pray that I will eat better and be motivated to exercise.

I guess I better get in the bed... so when that clock sounds off in the morning I will be good and rested....and ready to exercise! : )

I hope everyone has a great week....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a DAY!

Today was a very interesting day in my 5th grade classroom. I was opened up to some things....I didn't know 5th graders knew about. You know how mean 5th grade girls can be....everyone talks about everyone. You have your little clicks, and if ppl are not in your click you are NOT COOL!! So they may think....

At first...I had a little girl that had on a shirt that sent out a rather naughty message! It didn't say any bad words...the wording was just bad. I wont put what was on the shirt...just because! What was so sad was this girl had NO IDEA the message her shirt was sending to others. I just kept my mouth shut hoping the other students wouldn't notice. Later in the day, I saw another little girl confronting this girl about her shirt. She was giggling and telling her what it meant... I dodged it yet again though, because these 2 girls were friends and the (bad shirt little girl) took it as advice so she wasn't mad! A little bit later....the (bad shirt little girl) came up to me and said one of the boys was making fun of her shirt!......I then cleared my throat and proceeded to ask her where she got the shirt. I was hoping to find that out and that she would explain to me what the shirt meant (like in another way). While I waited on a reply...which seemed to take forever....she then said " This is my mom's shirt..... WHAT?? WHAT?? IT WAS HER FLIPPIN MOM'S SHIRT!! I then told the little girl, it was causing a distraction to the other students and that she should not wear it anymore! lol lol.......

After I was over the "bad shirt deal" another girl from 5th grade....not in my homeroom came in saying she needed to tell me something! She said, " I don't know if I should tell You this or the counselor". In my mind I thought "GREAT"......wondering what it could be! To make a long story short....the girl "SAID" that a girl in my class was telling everyone in the 5th grade that she was gay!! However, she put it in a much more slang way of talking..... I told her that since it didn't happen in my classroom that maybe she should just tell the counselor!

Also, in my first Science class of the day I took up 3 "love letters" and read them. Adding a little more juicy make them better.

By the end of the day, I was thinking teaching Kindergarten might not be so bad! lol. But the sad thing is...sometimes those kids know way more than they should too....

Anyways... I hope tomorrow has no bad shirts, bad rumors or "love letters"!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lovin the 3 day weekend.....

I love sitting here typing on my blog when I know on a normal Monday I would be........
Just finishing snack, and preparing for my kids to change classes. I WOULD BE...dealing with my favorite little problem child for the next 45 minutes!!! The one that will say "Yes mam, No mam" to your face....but you turn your back and there he goes!! lol

OH.... Thank goodness for the holiday! And the upcoming 4 day week..!

Instead of being at school, I will be cleaning out my closet! I know my life is filled with so much fun! lol.

This weekend has been great.

Friday night~ Adam & I watched 3 episodes of HOUSE with K.K. (K. Tilley)

Saturday~ We went to Cohen's birthday was a bowling party! It was lots of fun. I even beat Adam at bowling...... to keep from making you feel bad about your bowling skills.... I wont tell you our scores! lol lol lol JK. Im sure our scores would make you feel great!

Saturday night~ Went to Katy's Katfish with McKays and Pikes. The boys came to spend the night with us.

Sunday~ Went to church. Jake was baptized.... My mom and them were here so they came over for lunch. Ben also had a special visitor....his "FRIEND" Sydney came over and played between church times! After Sunday night church, we took the boys to Cracker Barrel.

So it's been a pretty great relaxing weekend. I hope that everyone has a great week!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I actually surprised him.....

After a week of keeping a secret... I successfully planned Adam a small surprise party! He had been saying for a month... " I just know you are planning my surprise party, right?" At that time, I was not. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it! lol. Basically just to show him I could!!

It was so hard to keep the secret. I came SO close to letting it slip many many times. However, we had a great time. It was just his closest family and Tim & Gaye, which are basically family. He was pretty shocked. He had no idea. He just couldn't believe, I hid something from HIM! lol. He said he would never trust me again, because I had lied so much! he he :)

He also loved his "House MD" cake my sister made. To say the least.... Im glad its over but we had a great time! I am so so so so so thankful its FRIDAY! And its a long weekend.....YAY. Now Im just gonna sit on my tail end and try to keep warm for the night!

Hope everyone has a great evening!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

On January 15, 1988 Adam Taylor Watkins was born! What a great addition to this world!Twenty-one years later...he is now my husband.....I can't thank God enough for placing such a wonderful man in my life!

I will never forget how we "got together". I was in the 10th grade and he was in the 9th. Coach Thompson (a former coach @ Ider) encouraged me one day that I should go out with "Watkins"! He said, " He's smart.....good at football.....taller than you (lol).....and I think he likes you! I kept thinking of reasons why I shouldn't go out with him. I came up with many.... he's in the 9th grade, he's in the 9th grade, & he's in the 9th grade! Thats all I could come up with! However, time went on and we never advanced past a small conversation in the hall daily! lol

In February, the church had a lock-in for the youth. Adam was there and he followed me around EVERYWHERE!! I acted like it got on my nerves...but deep down I loved it! A few weeks later we had a school Valentines Day dance. I went with another guy and Adam went with another girl. By the end of the dance we were dancing together! We danced to "Hero" by Enrique Iglesies. Adam sang to me too! ( he is no singer....but I thought it was so sweet). He wore a black sweater with khakis and had a silver cross necklace on. I came home telling my mom how buff he was! I was so excited.

On March 10 we started "talking" and on March 24 we started "going out"! So cheesy I know! But this is how it happened! :) I was head over heels! lol. This "go around" we dated until July...and Adam broke my heart! I thought my world was over....but God knew what was going on. I remember thinking... "Im young... this is not who I was supposed to be with...everything will be ok." Even though I kept thinking that..... I still felt like I really loved him.

On May 3 of my junior year Adam asked me out the most romantic place ever! We were working out in the weight room at school. Some of the football players were in there when us basketball girls were. From across the room he asked me out. " Will you go out with me AGAIN!" You know being the cool girl I was, I tried acting like it was no big deal. I told him no at first....just to make him beg! lol. And that was history........

Today here we are married..... Little did we know that day in the weight room what our lives would be like. I never knew we would marry... we had no idea we would lose my cousin Taylor, his mom Tammy, or Eric. We never knew his dad would end up the way he did. Although all of this happened it brought us closer made us who we are today. I remember praying that God would show me or let me know that me and Adam should be together. A few months later his mom was killed. That very day... I knew! I had never hurt for someone the way I did for him during that time. At the funeral home, one of Tammy's aunts shared something with me that was so comforting. She said that the Christmas before Tammy got killed she told her this......"Christina will have my grandbabies....I could never pick anyone better for Adam." When Aunt Judy told me that of course I cried my eyes out! I took that as God's sign to me that we were to be together.

So this long long story is for Adam, my husband! I can't imagine being with anyone else. He is the greatest thing ever. He is so loving and caring to me. I know he will be a great dad one day! If you know Adam you know how awesome he has done in raising his brothers.

Tonight Bro. Luke preached on asking God "Why?" when we are in despair, sad, lonely, etc..... The same thought kept coming to my mind. I will never know why Adam has had to endure all that he has. Why his mom? Why a hard working mom that loved her kids more than anything on Earth. Why does he have to have a sorry dad....WHY WHY WHY?? Like Bro. Luke said...some things we ask God we will never know until we are in heaven and meet him face to face!

Please help me cry out to God and lift Adam up to him...especially on his birthday tomorrow! He still struggles daily with being depressed about the whole situation. Valentines Day is approaching and that will be 3 years since his mom has been gone. Please keep us in your prayers daily.

Thanks so much for reading this novel! I just needed to get that out I guess.... I want everyone to know how much I love Adam and how thankful I am for him.

Happy Birthday Adam Taylor!!

I know his mom would be so proud of the man he is today. She loved him so much

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thank God it is FRIDAY! I have been wore slap out this week. I guess getting back to the normal routine, was just a little much for me! lol. Today my students probably wished I would have had a nerve pill. I love my students, but I am learning that I do not want to teach 5th grade for the rest of my life. No way no how.... I surely hope and pray that God will eventually one day give me a position with younger children! Bad attitudes and not doing homework certainly clash with my personality. This week has been crazy. The kids come to school Tuesday....moaning and groaning about having to get up, yet they had all the energy in the world to talk some more! Tuesday afternoon my planning time was ruined because of the tornado warning. The students had to sit in the head was pounding before and this only made it worse! Wednesday morning school was delayed 2 hours...which was pleasant since I got to sleep late! Yesterday was fine...and I woke up this morning in a GREAT mood....because it was FRIDAY!!

Enough whining and crying..... I am thankful the weekend is here. I am looking forward to spending time with Adam. We have become quite the "House" fans! We watch it ever chance we it love it! Tomorrow night we are going to Huntsville to eat with our Sunday school class. I am looking forward to spending time with ppl our age. I also hope to get some good quality time with Luke & Lisa. We love them both, but Adam admires Bro. Luke so much. Just a simple conversation with him makes his day!! When we get back tomorrow night we will get Ben and Jake for their routine Saturday night stay!! I always look forward to spending time with them. Its good to see Adam's face light up when they are around. He still misses them really bad.

I can't wait to hear Ben stories tomorrow night!! If you read this post before tomorrow night(Saturday night) please pray with me for Ben. I know this may sound insane, but Ben will more than likely see his dad tomorrrow for a short while. When he does spend any time with him at all, he is a total different child! I think he is just emotionally confused after being with him. He knows how his dad is, but when he is with him Im sure Richey makes everything seem ok.... I believe Ben is often confused about the fact that his dad says he loves him....but Ben knows if he really loved him, he would treat him differently. He has often made comments like " I dont even have a normal family. My momma is in heaven and my daddy does bad things and don't take care of me!" It breaks my heart. Adam & I try our best to help him feel like he has a normal family. Basically, after being with his dad our evenings are often ruined, because Ben's mood is so different. Please pray that he will be our normal sweet Ben tomorrow night and that we can all enjoy the weekend together.

I guess I better get in the bed to gain plenty of energy for Ben time tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Love~ Cina

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The best car ride......

Tonight after church we were on our way to take the boys home. Unusually both boys were in a good mood, which made for a peaceful ride! Jake was talking about when he would be baptized and then we were just having normal conversation. Jake then said he needed to work out harder for football. However, he added that he needed to focus on God first and then football! My heart felt proud to hear him say that. After our sweet family moment.... Ben chimed in! He said.." Yeah Jake you better keep that first one (refering to God) on your list! Or you will be in big trouble!! lol. The cutest part was, he was dead serious!!

Later down the road....Adam was kidding around with me. He said that I was gonna get a beatin when I got home because I asked him to go get me some gas! Ben once again chimed in and said...." YOU CAN'T HIT GIRLS!!" Then after a long pause he said in a sneaky voice..." THEY'LL HIT YOU BACK!" lol :) He might have learned that lesson from his little girl-----friend Miss Sydney McKay. Notice I added many ------ between girl and friend! He emphasizes that very often. "Sydney is just my FRIEND!"

And yet later on....while pumping gas.... Ben and I had a thrill locking Adam out of the car. I did it the first time, just to be mean and Ben found it HILARIOUS! He was laughing hysterically, and it was so cute. Adam would have usually got mad....but he was laughing just as hard watching Ben laugh! To say the least our 20 minute adventure home from church was great time with the boys. However, before we made it back to Granny's the boys were fighting in the back seat. Ben was throwing punches and Jake was complaining about the whole situation! ! Things were back to normal.........

But we love it! Im so thankful for the family I have with my three boys. I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My first "teacher work day"!

After all the fun of Christmas break.....the fun was over... my alarm clock went off bright and early this morning! Adam & I both had got in a horrible habit of staying up way too late....and then sleeping until around 9:00. The only day we got up early was Christmas morning! We were at Adam's Granny's house by 5:45 to make sure we didn't miss Ben waking up to see all his presents! I wanted to watch him open them, but Adam just insisted that we be there....cause he has never missed a Christmas with him!! Isn't he just the best big brother ever?? :)

Anyways... back to my story. I did have to get up this morning and go to my first "work day" as a REAL teacher!! It still hasn't hit me yet that I am finished with school....and it probably wont until I actually get a PAYCHECK...!! My day was good, I did a lot of work to get my classroom ready. I will only be there for a its not like I had to do a lot of moving in! Im just there for a short while.

Adam started at UTC today! I was so proud of him. He was really nervous this morning about going to a different school where he knew NO ONE! But of course I knew he would do fine. He is taking three engineering classes. Please help me pray that he can focus on his school and make good! Pray that I will be the wife that he needs to support him and encourage him when he is down. He still has a lot of stress on him and he worries more than I do sometimes!

I hope everybody had a great day. For those of you who have kids I know you will be thrilled to send them back to school tomorrow!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

In the mind of a 6 year old.....

Last night at the Watkins house it was a little wild! The boys were playing Wii and I was bored out of my mind. When the boys are there their "big bro" turns into a Wii maniac also!! I decided to get on myspace and out of boredom I did a lovely little survey. I had only done a few questions when Ben hopped into the recliner with me! He had rudely been denied playing the Wii by his older brothers. He was so into what I was doing. He thought they were some important questions I was having to turn into somebody! lol. I explained what it was and asked if he would like to join! Well of course he wanted to... :)

So Ben and I both completed the survey. I typed his answers exactly like he said them. It would be 10,000 times funnier if I could have caught him on video doing this! The look on his face was priceless when I would ask him questions that he found to be stupid. And on the other hand he was very serious about some of the questions.

I hope you enjoy reading our survey. Its kinda long, but pretty cute! You will see into the mind of a 6 year old... but not just any 6 year old.....My little genius!!

First thing you wash in the shower?~ Christina-My face.~ Ben- my hair

What color is your favorite hoodie?~Christina- My new Bama sweatshirt, so Crimson!
~Ben- my gray one with white stripes

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?~ Christina- Sure. He’s my hubby
~Ben- nope.... lol

Do you plan outfits?~Christina- Sometimes. Not usually~ Ben- no

How are you feeling RIGHT now?~Christina- Tired....but enjoying time with my boys
~Ben- Pretty good. Kinda happy.

Whats the closest thing to you thats red?~ Christina- Ben’s sleeping pants
~Ben- my sleeping pants

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?~Christina- The other night I dreamed I was in someones wedding, but I was late and run in last minute! My hair was really long and I knew it was a dream! lol.
~Ben- Pirates sailing and then there was a big giant guy and he was made out of stone and broke their ships. I can’t remember part of it, and then I got on a train and kept going... then I jumped off the train! (I think he might have made this up! Lol)

Did you meet anybody new today?~Christina- No ~Ben- no

What are you craving right now?~ Christina-nothing at the moment...I am craving being I don’t need food!~Ben- Raymen noodles

Do you floss?~Christina- Not very much. But I need to.~Ben- sometimes

What comes to mind when I say cabbage?~ Christina- Cabbage Bowl
~Ben- Cabbage Patch dolls for girls.

Are you emotional?~ Christina- this time of the month yes..but usually no.
~Ben- yeah sometimes I get sad when my brothers wont let me play the Wii

Would you dance to the taco song?~ Christina- Whats the taco song?
~Ben- well maybe

Have you ever counted to 1,000?~Christina- Im sure at some point in school.
~Ben- No never

Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?~ Christina- LICK- my teeth are sensitive
~Ben- Both..

Do you like your hair?~ Christina- Its ok. Im never satisfied with it... I change it a lot.
~Ben- sometimes

Do you like yourself?~ Christina- most of the time... but Im ready to diet
~Ben- yeah I love myself

Have you ever met a celebrity?~ Christina- Do you count Alabama football players as celebrities
~Ben- no..

Do you like cottage cheese?~ Christina- no no no
~Ben- Yes I love it! ( he can eat a bowl full....he has always loved it)

What are you listening to right now?~ Christina- Jake & Adam playing the Wii
~Ben- Wario on the Wii

How many countries have you visited?~ Christina- Just Mexico
~Ben- just the USA

Are your parents strict?~ Christina- they were kinda....when I lived with them.
~Ben- Granny, Christina & Adam make me mind!

Would you go sky diving?~ Christina- probably not
~Ben- maybe...but not over water.

Would you go out to eat with George W Bush?~ Christina- sure
~Ben- not right now...because Im full! (How funny)

Would you throw potatoes at him?~ Christina- Well NO. ~Ben- no

Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in?~ Christina- my diamond
~Ben- the silver christmas trees

Have you ever been in a castle?~ Christina- no..~Ben- maybe at Disney World..

Do you rent movies often?~ Christina- no
~Ben- I think I have rented only one!

Who sits in behind you in your math class?
~ Christina- Well when I was in high school...I don’t really remember who I sat with. My senior year I sat by Laura, Heather and Hemphill.
~Ben- I don’t even have math class.

Have you made a prank phone call?~ Christina- yeah ~Ben- no... (with a smile on his face)

Do you own a gun?~Christina- nope ~Ben- if I owned a gun... it would be fake

Can you count backwards from 74?~ Christina- well yeah ~Ben- no

Who are you going to be with tonight?~ Christina- Adam, Jake & Ben
~Ben- Adam, Christina & Jake

Brown or white eggs?~ Christina- white please
~Ben- brown.... (Remember Adam used to have chickens!)

Do you own something from Hot Topic?~ Christina- I don’t think so. ~Ben- no

Ever been on a train?~ Christina- just around a park one time
~Ben- at Noccallula.....

Ever been in love?~ Christina- well of course. ~Ben- Im in love with the Wii

Do you have a cell-phone?~ Christina- of course ~Ben- no

Are you too forgiving?~ Christina- sometimes, depends on who it is.
~Ben- I don’t know

Do you use chap stick?~ Christina- Yes religiously....morning and night.
~Ben- YES..

What is your best friend doing tomorrow?~ Christina- going to church
~Ben- Rylie & Sydney are both going to church

Can you use chop sticks?~ Christina- no not well ~Ben- kinda

Ever had CREAM PUFFS?~ Christina- Yes.. Don’t like them
~Ben- I don’t even know what that is

Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?~ Christina- yes.. It was over my head.
~Ben- no

What was the last question you asked?~ Christina- "Ben, have you ever had cream puffs
~Ben- "Christina, after church tomorrow do I have to go home?

What was the last CD you bought?~ Christina- Casting Crowns
~Ben- none

Boys or girls?~ Christina- If your talking about for children...I at least want one of each!
~Ben- When I have kids I want boys.

What is your bus number for school?
~Christina- I have no idea.
~Ben- 97??

Is your hair curly?~ Christina- it can be ~Ben- no... but my moms was

Last time you cried?~ Christina- the other day
~Ben- today...when the weight hit my head

Ever walked into a wall?~ Christina- yes
~Ben- no... I don’t think I have

.Do looks matter?~ Christina- No...because I know some very good looking JERKS
~Ben- kinda.. Lol

Have you ever bought anything from Pac Sun?~ Christina- negative ~Ben- no

Have you ever slapped someone?~ Christina- yes but just playing around
~Ben- yeah a kid in my first grade reading class. I just couldn’t help it. Lol

Favorite time of the year?~ Christina-Football season & Summer
~Ben- maybe....winter since its Christmas time.

Favorite color?~ Christina-Pink and Lime Green
~Ben- red, blue, gray and black..

Are you sarcastic?~ Christina- yes usually
~Ben- I don’t know

Do you have any tattoos?~ Christina- negative ~Ben- no

The last person you held hands with?~Christina- Ben probably ~Ben- I don’t know

Do you sleep with the TV on?~ Christina- we go to sleep with it on....but then it turns off.
~Ben- sometimes

Where was your default picture taken at?~ Christina- at my wedding reception.
~Ben- I don’t have one.

Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?~ Christina- NO COMMENT....
~Ben- no

Do you like your life right now?~ Christina- yes Im blessed...excited to see whats in store for 2009.
~Ben- yes I do

How often do you talk on the phone?~ Christina- not much now that Im married...but I text!
~Ben- not much

What is your favorite animal?~ Christina- dogs
~Ben- maybe a white tiger

What was the most recent thing you bought?~ Christina- stuff at Walmart yesterday
~Ben- boiled peanuts

Do you have good vision?~ Christina- nothing to brag about
~Ben- yes

Can you hula hoop?~Christina- not great ~Ben- no..

Could you ever forgive a cheater?~ Christina- I guess.. It depends on the situation
~Ben- ? ?

Do you have a job?~ Christina- yes.... ~Ben- no not yet.

Can you handle the truth?~ Christina- yes ~Ben- yes

What are you wearing?~Christina- t-shirt and pants
~Ben- sleeping pants and t-shirt

Have you ever crawled through a window?~ Christina- yes
~Ben- paw paws camper window

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Really mad at the moment....

OK... so I had a great post about how great and lovely our night was goin. I had pasted a survey that Ben did with me and it was funny. However, when I pasted it, it was all jumbled up and it needed to spaced out!!! So.... I did. I sat forever fixing it so it would look good. I was three from the bottom and I pushed the backspace one too many times.... MY HARD WORK WAS GONE FOREVER!! I could cry! I will try to post it in the morning before church... its too funny to not be put on here!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our visit with Benjamin Blake

Well, as you know Ben has been here since Wednesday morning. We have had a pretty good time, just being lazy and relaxing. Ben has honestly played the Wii ever chance he had! It is hilarious to watch how excited he gets when he beats a certain level or gains some great skill! Adam & I were in the kitchen yesterday and he run in there screaming like a little girl....." I beat him, I beat him...I beat Sonic!"

To our surprise...Ben has managed to sleep in his room the past two nights. Wednesday night Adam had to lay in there until he fell asleep and last night he fell asleep on the couch so we just carried him in there and he continued sleeping!! I love the child...but he is not a great bed buddy. Especially when Adam is hard enough to sleep with. The two of them make for an awful nights sleep for me!! Both mornings around 6:30 he has ended up in the bed with us..which is fine snuggle time for me! This morning I heard a huge THUMP....and other loud noises. As I jumped up to go check on him he came in the door...(rubbing his head). lol. He said, " I think I got a little tangled up in my covers and I fell out of the bed!" lol. Relieved that he was ok, I had to laugh at him. He kept saying he broke his toe...but he was fine! This whole time, Adam knew nothing was going on. He could sleep through anything.

Im pretty sad this morning..because today he has to leave! He will be back tomorrow night to stay again but I have got used to him being here. We have to meet his "other grandparents" (Richeys family) today and let them have them for the night! We really don't like it, but we have to be nice!! Pray that me and Adam can have a good evening and not be mad and worried about him being over there!! (He usually sees his dad for a short time on Saturdays...and thats what we worry about).

I better go get ready.....I have lots to do before the Bama game tonight!! I hope everyone has a great evening.