Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Pray...

This morning I heard an ambulance pass my house before I left for school. I always get that horrible feeling in my stomach, hoping it is not someone I know. I always worry about my granny....I started to call her but I knew if it was her...I would have got a call. I went on to school and had a normal day. Around 3:15 my phone rang and it was my dad. He said he had some bad news....

My uncle jerky (Darrell Hayes) had passed out this morning and they took him to the hospital. He has passed out a few other times recently, but everyone thought it was because he had just had knee surgery...... when they took him to the hospital today they found a brain tumor. My heart sank.... I love my uncle jerky! He has always been so funny and played around with me. It breaks my heart to see him go through something like this. We don't know anymore details yet. I took my Granny to the hospital tonight and not long after we got there they transferred him to Huntsville. Im sure it will be tomorrow before they can run more test and before the doctor can see him. Please help me pray for a miracle.

Also pray for my whole family. My dad's side of the family has never really dealt with anything like this before. Pray especially for my Granny. She is not in great health herself and she is really worried about Jerky. If you know know HE is her baby! Pray for me as I can hopefully witness to them through this... I also ask that you pray for Bro. Luke. He will be going to see him tomorrow. Pray that he will be able to give everyone peace.

I know God can work miracles. We have seen that many times before. I just keep thinking about little Emma and how she was healed. I pray that Uncle Jerky will be too.


  1. Praying for Jerky and all of you! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!

  2. We had prayer for him tonight at Bible Study.

  3. Praying for him and all of you! I will put him on the prayer list at church.

  4. I just heard about this today and I have been praying for him and for all his family! I know he's on prayer lists and prayer chains all over the community. Hang in there girl! I'm praying for you! As you know, prayer changes things, and God works miracles!!

    Love you!!