Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a DAY!

Today was a very interesting day in my 5th grade classroom. I was opened up to some things....I didn't know 5th graders knew about. You know how mean 5th grade girls can be....everyone talks about everyone. You have your little clicks, and if ppl are not in your click you are NOT COOL!! So they may think....

At first...I had a little girl that had on a shirt that sent out a rather naughty message! It didn't say any bad words...the wording was just bad. I wont put what was on the shirt...just because! What was so sad was this girl had NO IDEA the message her shirt was sending to others. I just kept my mouth shut hoping the other students wouldn't notice. Later in the day, I saw another little girl confronting this girl about her shirt. She was giggling and telling her what it meant... I dodged it yet again though, because these 2 girls were friends and the (bad shirt little girl) took it as advice so she wasn't mad! A little bit later....the (bad shirt little girl) came up to me and said one of the boys was making fun of her shirt!......I then cleared my throat and proceeded to ask her where she got the shirt. I was hoping to find that out and that she would explain to me what the shirt meant (like in another way). While I waited on a reply...which seemed to take forever....she then said " This is my mom's shirt..... WHAT?? WHAT?? IT WAS HER FLIPPIN MOM'S SHIRT!! I then told the little girl, it was causing a distraction to the other students and that she should not wear it anymore! lol lol.......

After I was over the "bad shirt deal" another girl from 5th grade....not in my homeroom came in saying she needed to tell me something! She said, " I don't know if I should tell You this or the counselor". In my mind I thought "GREAT"......wondering what it could be! To make a long story short....the girl "SAID" that a girl in my class was telling everyone in the 5th grade that she was gay!! However, she put it in a much more slang way of talking..... I told her that since it didn't happen in my classroom that maybe she should just tell the counselor!

Also, in my first Science class of the day I took up 3 "love letters" and read them. Adding a little more juicy information....to make them better.

By the end of the day, I was thinking teaching Kindergarten might not be so bad! lol. But the sad thing is...sometimes those kids know way more than they should too....

Anyways... I hope tomorrow has no bad shirts, bad rumors or "love letters"!!


  1. Welcome to Education 101. One of the saddest things is when that little girl is 15 her Mom will be wearing her clothes. Women/Mothers need to grow up and act like Mothers. I'm sure you are doing a good job being a great example they are not getting at home.