Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The best car ride......

Tonight after church we were on our way to take the boys home. Unusually both boys were in a good mood, which made for a peaceful ride! Jake was talking about when he would be baptized and then we were just having normal conversation. Jake then said he needed to work out harder for football. However, he added that he needed to focus on God first and then football! My heart felt proud to hear him say that. After our sweet family moment.... Ben chimed in! He said.." Yeah Jake you better keep that first one (refering to God) on your list! Or you will be in big trouble!! lol. The cutest part was, he was dead serious!!

Later down the road....Adam was kidding around with me. He said that I was gonna get a beatin when I got home because I asked him to go get me some gas! Ben once again chimed in and said...." YOU CAN'T HIT GIRLS!!" Then after a long pause he said in a sneaky voice..." THEY'LL HIT YOU BACK!" lol :) He might have learned that lesson from his little girl-----friend Miss Sydney McKay. Notice I added many ------ between girl and friend! He emphasizes that very often. "Sydney is just my FRIEND!"

And yet later on....while pumping gas.... Ben and I had a thrill locking Adam out of the car. I did it the first time, just to be mean and Ben found it HILARIOUS! He was laughing hysterically, and it was so cute. Adam would have usually got mad....but he was laughing just as hard watching Ben laugh! To say the least our 20 minute adventure home from church was great time with the boys. However, before we made it back to Granny's the boys were fighting in the back seat. Ben was throwing punches and Jake was complaining about the whole situation! ! Things were back to normal.........

But we love it! Im so thankful for the family I have with my three boys. I wouldn't trade it for the world!!


  1. ummmm...I think he might have actually learned that tonight in Awanas! lol! While we were doing his verses a couple of the other kids were knocking around a little and one of them started whining. I said, "Well, if you hit someone else, boy or girl, you should just expect them to hit you back!" I guess he was listening!!

    I wanted to tell you how excited he was tonight that he got a badge. He was just adorable!! He was one of the last ones to go and he was all depressed because he didn't think he'd get one tonight and the others were getting them left and right. I told him I promised we'd get him one and we did! He worked so hard!

    Then he said, "Can I go show this to Jake? ...and Adam & Christina?"

    He is such a blessing to me! You all are! I am so thankful that you and Adam are taking the time and effort to bring those boys to church. You will be rewarded ten-fold!

    Love you all!

  2. That is so funny.He cracks me up. I am so pround of Jake. I want to be there when he gets baptized. Let me know. Love you.

  3. I just now found your blog! I can't tell you how proud I am of Jake (and you and Adam)! He was so polite and respectful on the youth trip. Isn't funny the things kids say? You and Adam are wise beyond your years. Jake and Ben are blessed to have you guys in their lives! I am looking forward to getting to know you better in the blog world!

  4. Somehow I missed this post!! My heart just melted hearing the things Jake said. I told Luke just yesterday that Jake seems brighter somehow. He's talked to me more in the last two weeks that in the last 2 years I've known him. I laughed my head off at him making fun of the business meeting..What a great kid.

    And of course you know how much I love Ben and Syd being "FRIENDS".