Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where does the time go??

Well the weekend is over....AGAIN! lol. It has been a good one, I just don't understand where my time goes. I am not looking forward to waking up early in the a.m. but it's life! :) I told Adam the other day that I feel like all I do is wake up...take a shower...dry my flippin hair (which is one of the worst parts of my and then go back to bed....and repeat the process all over again. Time flies by very fast.

Today Adam & I have been married TWO WHOLE MONTHS! :) I really can't believe that either. Getting married around the holidays was very busy and did make time go by faster than usual. However, it has been a great 2 months and I am so happy! God gave me a special special man and Im very thankful for him.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my last week at Sylvania! I can't believe that my time will be done there. I really like everyone there. They have been so welcoming to me and made me feel comfortable. I will be sad to leave (Most) of my students and the teachers I have made friends with. However, I am going to sub there some, so I will still see those ppl occasionally.

As the time has past so quickly...the pounds have also found me very quickly! I HAVE GOT TO EXERCISE more.... or some! lol. And its not just because I got married...this time last year I had gained weight. I then lost a good bit on First Place....and then over the year I have gained it back. Luckily...I have not gained ALL of it back...but Im to the point that I don't feel good again. I thought that when I bought MY OWN groceries and cooked my own meals....that it would be easier to lose weight and eat healthy! Well....I was wrong. It is just so easy and quick to eat food that in unhealthy for you. I also cant afford to buy all of the healthy foods....

I am going to try to set a very small goal for this week...Im gonna make myself exercise and eat better this week....then just see what happens. I am not very patient and I like to see results RIGHT AWAY! So it is often very very frustrating when I workout hard and eat good....and nothing happens. I know if I would stick to it, it would pay off... SO...please say a little prayer for me each day this week.. pray that I will eat better and be motivated to exercise.

I guess I better get in the bed... so when that clock sounds off in the morning I will be good and rested....and ready to exercise! : )

I hope everyone has a great week....


  1. No your not patient. I will amen you on hope you have a good day. I will say a prayer for you this week. see you soon (i hope)

  2. It was so good to see you tonight! I hate under those circumstances! I love you!