Friday, January 9, 2009


Thank God it is FRIDAY! I have been wore slap out this week. I guess getting back to the normal routine, was just a little much for me! lol. Today my students probably wished I would have had a nerve pill. I love my students, but I am learning that I do not want to teach 5th grade for the rest of my life. No way no how.... I surely hope and pray that God will eventually one day give me a position with younger children! Bad attitudes and not doing homework certainly clash with my personality. This week has been crazy. The kids come to school Tuesday....moaning and groaning about having to get up, yet they had all the energy in the world to talk some more! Tuesday afternoon my planning time was ruined because of the tornado warning. The students had to sit in the head was pounding before and this only made it worse! Wednesday morning school was delayed 2 hours...which was pleasant since I got to sleep late! Yesterday was fine...and I woke up this morning in a GREAT mood....because it was FRIDAY!!

Enough whining and crying..... I am thankful the weekend is here. I am looking forward to spending time with Adam. We have become quite the "House" fans! We watch it ever chance we it love it! Tomorrow night we are going to Huntsville to eat with our Sunday school class. I am looking forward to spending time with ppl our age. I also hope to get some good quality time with Luke & Lisa. We love them both, but Adam admires Bro. Luke so much. Just a simple conversation with him makes his day!! When we get back tomorrow night we will get Ben and Jake for their routine Saturday night stay!! I always look forward to spending time with them. Its good to see Adam's face light up when they are around. He still misses them really bad.

I can't wait to hear Ben stories tomorrow night!! If you read this post before tomorrow night(Saturday night) please pray with me for Ben. I know this may sound insane, but Ben will more than likely see his dad tomorrrow for a short while. When he does spend any time with him at all, he is a total different child! I think he is just emotionally confused after being with him. He knows how his dad is, but when he is with him Im sure Richey makes everything seem ok.... I believe Ben is often confused about the fact that his dad says he loves him....but Ben knows if he really loved him, he would treat him differently. He has often made comments like " I dont even have a normal family. My momma is in heaven and my daddy does bad things and don't take care of me!" It breaks my heart. Adam & I try our best to help him feel like he has a normal family. Basically, after being with his dad our evenings are often ruined, because Ben's mood is so different. Please pray that he will be our normal sweet Ben tomorrow night and that we can all enjoy the weekend together.

I guess I better get in the bed to gain plenty of energy for Ben time tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Love~ Cina

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  1. We had such a great time with you guys! Luke loves Adam too. And I'll always appreciate that he mentored Sam on how NOT to run off the football field. Luke and I admire both of you so much for how you've handled the life you've been given. Y'all are so completely awesome!