Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been a while...

I have decided that I am just not a good "blogger" I just never have anything interesting to put on here, but I guess I will catch up on some things. Summer has been very busy for me so far. I am teaching the Summer Reading Academy at Ider. It was only a 3 week program, so it's almost over. Next week will wrap it up. I enjoy the hours (7:30-12:45)... they are great!

Adam has been doing his Field Experience for his schooling. He was placed at Ider and has observed in the 21st Century program. He loved it, he always had a few stories every afternoon to tell me.

Ben is officially the cutest kid ever. lol.. He has a tan like his big brother and has highlights in his hair from all the sunshine and swimming! Unfornately his tan is not dark enough to cover all the bruises and scrapes from the bike wrecks. lol. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels probably a month ago, but still wrecks at least once a day. His poor little legs look like he has been beat to death. It would help if he would ride the bike normally, but he has to start out running by his bike and then jump on it after he picks up speed. lol. He is a mess. Have I mentioned that he is cute... and that I love him!!

Jake is Jake! lol.... Moms out there, please tell me the "I know everything" attitude will fade away with time! Jake is a good kid, don't get me wrong..... but I swear.... he just KNOWS IT ALL! :) He has been busy with football workouts 3 nights a week. He also helped in Bible school, and he seemed to enjoy that. He recently spent 3 nights straight at the Smith house and loved that.....J & J are inseperable!!!

As most of you know, I am searching for a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's KILLING ME! I have NO PATIENCE..... I LIKE TO PLAN........ &..... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY FUTURE HOLDS!! I think God is teaching me a lesson in waiting....and being patient. I know he has the perfect job picked out for me, I just pray that I find it soon. Everyone knows, I would love to be at Ider, but now I am at the point where anywhere I can find a job...will be JUST FINE! :) Please add me to your prayer list... I know I have asked for prayer about this for a loooonnnnggg time, but I do need them. Not only do I need a job, please pray that I understand that whatever happens is God's will!!! Pray Pray Pray.... :)

Anyways... what a long post! This weekend is Father's Day, so I better talk about my daddy a little. I have the greatest dad in the world! I have always been a daddy's girl.... and I still am! My favorite thing to do with my daddy is spend Saturday's watching Alabama football with him. (Unless Alabama is losing....then things are not too I did get my "lack of patience" from him! Daddy is a funny person to be around and is always cracking jokes. Since I have been married, I have lost my identity somewhat.... In many many cases, if I told someone my name was Christina Hayes..... they would reply with "Are you Marty Hayes' daughter?" lol. YES I AM... and I am proud to be! I love my daddy with all my heart... daddy's girl from the start!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!!

(Momma- Don't be sad, I love you too)

I guess I better go now. Adam just said it was illegal to blog this long! lol
Im off to the beach next week for Laura's wedding. We are taking a girls trip, so I should have stories and pictures to share later!!!