Friday, January 2, 2009

Our visit with Benjamin Blake

Well, as you know Ben has been here since Wednesday morning. We have had a pretty good time, just being lazy and relaxing. Ben has honestly played the Wii ever chance he had! It is hilarious to watch how excited he gets when he beats a certain level or gains some great skill! Adam & I were in the kitchen yesterday and he run in there screaming like a little girl....." I beat him, I beat him...I beat Sonic!"

To our surprise...Ben has managed to sleep in his room the past two nights. Wednesday night Adam had to lay in there until he fell asleep and last night he fell asleep on the couch so we just carried him in there and he continued sleeping!! I love the child...but he is not a great bed buddy. Especially when Adam is hard enough to sleep with. The two of them make for an awful nights sleep for me!! Both mornings around 6:30 he has ended up in the bed with us..which is fine snuggle time for me! This morning I heard a huge THUMP....and other loud noises. As I jumped up to go check on him he came in the door...(rubbing his head). lol. He said, " I think I got a little tangled up in my covers and I fell out of the bed!" lol. Relieved that he was ok, I had to laugh at him. He kept saying he broke his toe...but he was fine! This whole time, Adam knew nothing was going on. He could sleep through anything.

Im pretty sad this morning..because today he has to leave! He will be back tomorrow night to stay again but I have got used to him being here. We have to meet his "other grandparents" (Richeys family) today and let them have them for the night! We really don't like it, but we have to be nice!! Pray that me and Adam can have a good evening and not be mad and worried about him being over there!! (He usually sees his dad for a short time on Saturdays...and thats what we worry about).

I better go get ready.....I have lots to do before the Bama game tonight!! I hope everyone has a great evening.



  1. I can't believe you didn't post about the wild New Year's Eve party you went to and oh yea, about that ballgame.........hehehehe. That was bad. I was cheering for the ol Crimson Tide but they just didn't have it together. Tough Luck!

  2. K.T.

    The reason she didn't post about the party...'cause we probably scared them. My sisters and I have that effect on people;-) Hopefully they won't hold that against you.

    Anybody for a game of Rook?