Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

On January 15, 1988 Adam Taylor Watkins was born! What a great addition to this world!Twenty-one years later...he is now my husband.....I can't thank God enough for placing such a wonderful man in my life!

I will never forget how we "got together". I was in the 10th grade and he was in the 9th. Coach Thompson (a former coach @ Ider) encouraged me one day that I should go out with "Watkins"! He said, " He's smart.....good at football.....taller than you (lol).....and I think he likes you! I kept thinking of reasons why I shouldn't go out with him. I came up with many.... he's in the 9th grade, he's in the 9th grade, & he's in the 9th grade! Thats all I could come up with! However, time went on and we never advanced past a small conversation in the hall daily! lol

In February, the church had a lock-in for the youth. Adam was there and he followed me around EVERYWHERE!! I acted like it got on my nerves...but deep down I loved it! A few weeks later we had a school Valentines Day dance. I went with another guy and Adam went with another girl. By the end of the dance we were dancing together! We danced to "Hero" by Enrique Iglesies. Adam sang to me too! ( he is no singer....but I thought it was so sweet). He wore a black sweater with khakis and had a silver cross necklace on. I came home telling my mom how buff he was! I was so excited.

On March 10 we started "talking" and on March 24 we started "going out"! So cheesy I know! But this is how it happened! :) I was head over heels! lol. This "go around" we dated until July...and Adam broke my heart! I thought my world was over....but God knew what was going on. I remember thinking... "Im young... this is not who I was supposed to be with...everything will be ok." Even though I kept thinking that..... I still felt like I really loved him.

On May 3 of my junior year Adam asked me out the most romantic place ever! We were working out in the weight room at school. Some of the football players were in there when us basketball girls were. From across the room he asked me out. " Will you go out with me AGAIN!" You know being the cool girl I was, I tried acting like it was no big deal. I told him no at first....just to make him beg! lol. And that was history........

Today here we are married..... Little did we know that day in the weight room what our lives would be like. I never knew we would marry... we had no idea we would lose my cousin Taylor, his mom Tammy, or Eric. We never knew his dad would end up the way he did. Although all of this happened it brought us closer made us who we are today. I remember praying that God would show me or let me know that me and Adam should be together. A few months later his mom was killed. That very day... I knew! I had never hurt for someone the way I did for him during that time. At the funeral home, one of Tammy's aunts shared something with me that was so comforting. She said that the Christmas before Tammy got killed she told her this......"Christina will have my grandbabies....I could never pick anyone better for Adam." When Aunt Judy told me that of course I cried my eyes out! I took that as God's sign to me that we were to be together.

So this long long story is for Adam, my husband! I can't imagine being with anyone else. He is the greatest thing ever. He is so loving and caring to me. I know he will be a great dad one day! If you know Adam you know how awesome he has done in raising his brothers.

Tonight Bro. Luke preached on asking God "Why?" when we are in despair, sad, lonely, etc..... The same thought kept coming to my mind. I will never know why Adam has had to endure all that he has. Why his mom? Why a hard working mom that loved her kids more than anything on Earth. Why does he have to have a sorry dad....WHY WHY WHY?? Like Bro. Luke said...some things we ask God we will never know until we are in heaven and meet him face to face!

Please help me cry out to God and lift Adam up to him...especially on his birthday tomorrow! He still struggles daily with being depressed about the whole situation. Valentines Day is approaching and that will be 3 years since his mom has been gone. Please keep us in your prayers daily.

Thanks so much for reading this novel! I just needed to get that out I guess.... I want everyone to know how much I love Adam and how thankful I am for him.

Happy Birthday Adam Taylor!!

I know his mom would be so proud of the man he is today. She loved him so much


  1. I have no doubt that Tammy is proud of the man he has become. Keep growing in your relationship with God. You are both incredible people in my book! I love you guys!

  2. As I am wiping tears, sniff, sniff, that was the sweetest letter. I am in awe of how you two, at such a young age, have handled everything life has thrown at you! I admire you both so much!

    Keep clinging to God and He will get you through, as he has thus far.

    Love and prayers,

  3. So glad you have joined the blog world! Except for now I'm crying! :)
    Ya'll are an amazing couple and an inspiration to all of us who have struggles. It is awesome to see you two be so involved in Jake and Ben's lives.
    Love ya!~ Brooke

    oh, and Happy Birthday to Adam, ha

  4. I can remember several years ago when in each and every conversation in yearbook, some mention was made of Adam. You two have always been a great couple! God knew what He was doing when He brought you together.

    Happy Birthday Adam!

  5. Gosh Cina! I'm cryin'! Nice goin'!!!! At first I thought how cheesy my sister is such a dork how does she remember all of those dates to.....aww how sweet to..... tear drop. tear drop. (sound of a blowing nose!)

    I miss you so stinkin' bad, and Adam...just a little. lol. I miss hearing....." and then I was like...." ( I talk like that all the time now and people look at me like there's something wrong!lol) I can't tell you how pround I am of the woman/big sister you are. I <3 you !

  6. oh goodness. This might turn into a book! First of all, Happy Birthday Adam! You have made me laugh for many years now, at times when I didn't feel like it, or think it was possible!...and even at times when I'm sure you felt the same. I can't imagine how much you miss your mom. I have thanked God many times for the privledge to know her. Not just for allowing me to work with her, but to later let me see her interact with her children both in church and in the community. She loved her kids with a fierceness that I have only witnessed a few other times in my life. I pray that I have the same dedication and "fierce" love for my children that she did.

    I remember that lock in well! That had to be the Loudest music to ever play in our church! God most certainly brought the two of you together for reasons only He understands. As hard as it is to accept, the "why's" don't matter. I have found in my life, it's the "now what's?" that matter. You & Adam are doing an awesome job with the "now what's?". I will never forget that Valentine's Day, standing there in Tammy's parents yard as broken as Adam was, he was already looking out for his little brothers. He made sure Jake was okay, and made sure someone was watching Ben. You, Amanda, your mom & dad were all there doing all you could do to help them.

    I love you all! I am so thankful that you two are so involved at church and are bringing Jake and Ben. Ben reminds me so much of Adam....and Tammy. Sometimes when he cuts his eyes at me and pooches his little lips out I see her in his face so clearly!

    Anyway, Like I said ...a book! (and I left out a ton!)

  7. So, I read this yesterday, but couldn't write because I was too busy blowing my nose & wiping away the tears. Every time I'm "home", I watch you guys at church and think... 'wow, how do they do it?'... but I know how you do it, GOD! I'm so proud of you and the young woman & wife that you have become. Continue to trust in HIM and live your life for HIM. Love you girl.

  8. There's so much I want to say here but I can barely see the screen for tears.

    I'm completely sincere when I say you and Adam are an inspiration to Luke and me. Adam is a picture of how someone can stand firm and say, no matter what horrible circumstances come my way I will not be overcome! He never could have done it without your love and support of all he's been through. The two of you give me courage. I consider it a privilege to call you both friends!

  9. Wow! That was the sweetest thing ever!
    I must say, I admire you both. I ask why too. We will never understand why things happen the way they do but we do know that if you can make through the bad times it will only make you stronger. You both are a testimony for that.
    love you guys and hope Adam had a great Birthday!

  10. I just realized that it sounds like I ask why I admire you. That is soooo not what I meant.
    Hope you can read what I meant and not what I wrote. LOL