Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just catching up on things..

Well I have not wrote on here in quite a while, so I will attempt to catch up on everything. We have been busy busy!! Most everyone knows that Adam was baptized on Sunday! YAY.... I knew he was struggling with it, for a long time but I didn't want to force him into it so I just waited! I knew he would decide it when the time was right. As Luke mentioned Sunday morning when he was baptizing Adam, he has definitely been studying his Bible. If I ever can't find him, he will be in the bedroom or bathroom (ha ha) reading his Bible. It is a great sight to see! He always has a question for Luke to answer. I am thankful we have a preacher that Adam can talk to so easily. He loves him dearly and considers him a great friend.

After church Sunday we went to eat with my family. Everyone came to see Adam be baptized, but it was also to celebrate my birthday. Sunday night we watched "Fireproof"!! It was AWESOME. It was definitely an eye opening experience. Although it was a serious movie, I did get tickled several times due to comments Ben made! About half way through the movie he shared with our pew (and those around us) that Kirk Cameron looked like Coach Tinker! lol. The funny part was, Brent & Shannon were sitting right in front of us! lol. Of course they laughed... and then we all went back to watching the movie. Towards the very end of the movie..Ben said " This movie is just like a movie about Coach Tinker" lol. We laughed even more this time. I don't think Ben even noticed Brent was in front of us until then. Why he thought this movie was "about Coach Tinker" I don't know, but it was funny.

While I'm talking about Ben... let me brag a little! I am still in shock of how awesome this child can read!! It is amazing! The other day I was pointing to hard words to see if he might know them..... words like.... (wondrous, important, Samaritan, daughter, promising)! He was blowing my mind. He reads them so quickly and doesn't sound out anything. I will remind you that he is in Kindergarten! To say the least, I am very proud of him. Someone made the comment the other day that my children would probably be very smart... since Adam, Jake & Ben are weirdly smart! Then I reminded them that my children would be watered down somewhat.. (due to me). lol. I am hopeful that they will be smart like their dad!

Jake is also doing well. He has recently joined the drama team at church and loves it. He is making more friends at church and is definitely becoming very outgoing. I feel bad not writing as much about him as I do Ben... but 14 year olds are not as funny as 6 year olds! lol

I had a great birthday yesterday. I enjoyed my day with Adam, Jake, Tyler and Hayden. We went to Birmingham to watch the Lady Hornets in the state playoffs! Of course they won... and will be playing Cold Springs tomorrow for the 2A State Championship!!! They are very fun to watch. However, I feel old.... Hilary and Jade are Seniors and tomorrow will be their last game!! My senior year they were 8th graders and were starters on my basketball team! I love them dearly and hope they can bring home the trophy tomorrow!!

Pray for Adam & I as we are doing the Love Dare together! It will be a very interesting 40 days!


  1. I'm so glad you finally wrote again. I can testify to the amazing reading skill of Ben. It is so fun to listen to him. Jake has definately come out of his shell. He is such a joy to be around. As for Adam, I have been praying for his decision since you and he started dating. Thank God for answered prayers!!

  2. I am so proud to have Jake on our FOG team. He is a blessing to all of us. I have a great part for him in our next drama. We are very busy, but hopefully will learn our new one very soon. Have fun with the Love Dare! Love you both!

  3. You and Adam amaze me! Yall r so good for Jake and Ben. And Ben is hilarious! Good luck with the Love Dare! Me and Jason are still working on it!

  4. Ben's reading blows my mind! One Wed night he was reading to me and I looked over at Montye T (the teacher) and her mouth was wide open, she said "is he READING that?" Also, I'm so glad that Luke preached a couple of weeks ago about how we aren't supposed to restrict the way we worship, because that very morning Ben informed me that he didn't want to sing in the kids choir, he wanted to break dance for us.....I told him to bring it!

    I have noticed such a change in Jake in the last few months. I'm not around him much but I see him around the church, and his facial expressions are different. Happier? Something. It looks like a good change!
    I'm glad you had a happy birthday! I love you guys!