Friday, March 6, 2009


Well... since the last time I wrote....

1. We got a new puppy named Maggie. (Pictures to come later) She is hilarious and we love her, however on her 2nd day with us, we tried giving her away! She is much like a baby. She is only content if you are giving her attention. Luckily she has started sleeping through the night in her cage thingy. And please don't say...."If you can't handle a puppy, you don't need to have a baby!" Totally different..... I will be much more patient with my own flesh and blood....dogs are different! Babies use the bathroom in diapers.... not wherever they please! lol.


2. I have had a horrible horrible horrible toothache! I had never had one like that before. By Sunday evening I was miserable. I went to the dentist on Monday and then yesterday (Thursday) went back for the lovely root canal! I had a broke tooth, that I was putting off getting fixed because I didn't have dental insurance.... well the tooth didn't wait! But today I am feeling much better than I was yesterday!!

3. I am thankful for such a sweet sweet husband. He was so nice and caring to me when I was dying over that stupid toothache. I couldn't have done it without him. He is just simply the best!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Glad you are better. See you tonight!!

  2. I tell Brandon all the time that if he can't take care of a dog, he defintely can't take care of a baby!! LOL...and they actually do sometimes go wherever they want to.

  3. Sorry about the toothache.....I do hope I approve of the Endodontist you used and the Dentist who'll have to do the

    Can't wait to see the new puppy! Don't worry....babies are much easier than puppies......can't wait till you have us a baby oneday to love'll probably have one before Ash.