Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Day....

Today has been crazy! I thought I would have time being out of school...but obviously not! I went to "heck" today...I mean Walmart!! It was total chaos. I didn't even have a flippin buggy! I learned a very important lesson about waiting until the last minute to finish shopping. Maybe tomorrow I will find time to get on here and make my blog "not so boring".


  1. Sorry you had to got to heck and back. I get to go today!!WooHoo. Not.

  2. Welcome to bloggyworld! Unless it is something that only Walmart has that I need, I don't go. Walgreens and KMart and a lot easier to manuever around in! And they usually have enough buggies!

  3. I totally agree about your take on Walmart. My gosh that place gives me hives!

    So glad you have a blog!! You're settling in to married life just fine..lol