Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can't believe he is a FIRST GRADER now... . sweet (not so little) Ben officially graduated from Kindergarten today!!! I can't believe it, the year just flew by. The graduation ceremony was very simple and cute. Ben however was not very interested in the cute little dances and songs that they had to do! He had that "Im too old for this... this is not cool.... " look on his face!! I knew he wouldn't be too excited about it, but it was still very funny. OF COURSE.... my lovely camera died... and then came back to life.... then died.... etc. I was able to get some good pictures. Ben was on the back row so I didn't get many pictures of him, but his adorable friend Sydney was on the front row.... so I used her as my focal point! lol.

After graduation, instead of going home Ben stayed at school with me at our 2nd grade picnic! It was fun to have him there today, and he loved hanging out with the big kids. They all love him and are so impressed at how smart he is!

Now.... my LOVELY card reader thingy is not working so I cant put the pictures up tonight. I will try to do that tomorrow!! I hope everyone has a great Friday!!


  1. I'm so excited you got pictures of Syd. I only had a borrowed video camera so I got no stills at all. Syd was as excited to dance as Ben I hope they are in the same class next year!! )

  2. He is just to cute! Can't wait to see the pics!